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BGS Connect is a small but mighty studio that provides agency level design and marketing. For over two decades we have produced creative marketing solutions for our clients that helped their brands grow. We thrive on taking an initial concept to completion efficiently, on-budget and not holding back on the quality we produce or the service we deliver.

Breaking away from the clutter can be difficult in today’s markets. We work hard to keep our client’s brands in the forefront by utilizing both print and web solutions. Our approach has always been to tailor fit those solutions to benefit our clients specific marketing objectives and their budgets. Yes, there is a balance of keeping to budget and being able to create marketing material that breaks away from the clutter. It can be done!

One of our core beliefs is that everyone involved in a marketing effort must believe and own the concept from start to finish. Our clients trust in the skills we possess and in return we understand the client knows their product and industry. We feel that being “dictators of design” does not serve our client or the overall marketing objectives. So creating a collaborative approach between us and the client reinforces the team and lays the groundwork for success.  The benefit this collaboration creates is the capability for a concept to evolve throughout the process so the completed deliverables serve the marketing directives.

We Thrive On Creating Solutions To Challenges!

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Direct Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Media Kits
  • Packaging
  • Point of Purchase
  • Powerpoints
  • Printing
  • Photography
  • Promotional Items
  • SEO / Adwords
  • Signage / Wayfinding
  • Social Media
  • Trade Show
  • Web Development
— Our abilities are not limited to the above —

We Connect Your Marketing In 4 Easy Steps.



It all begins with a discussion to Discover the full scope of the project, market targeted and the actual expectations of our client.



Next, we create a cohesive Plan to ensure the best possible outcome of your project. We believe in the saying “Fail to plan is a plan to fail”.



Create encompasses the use of design, copy writing, photography, web development, and printing to achieve the marketing objectives.



Once we complete your project it’s important to Evaluate the process from the point of concept to the actual completion for future efforts.

Meet Your New Best Friends.

Bradley Girard
Bradley GirardPrincipal / Creative Director
Bradley Girard has been a professional designer, photographer and marketer in Orange County for a over 27 years. His career started with little more than a dream and a passion to push the proverbial envelope. With core roots in the surf and outdoor adventure sports industries, he later branched out to a larger spectrum of industries. Through this diverse client palate, Bradley prides himself in his ability to sense the client’s vision and then translate it into the proper medium. From his early days as a freelance designer, to the building of a stalwart boutique agency staffed with immensely-talented creative minds, he has always held strong to practicing good business ethics with the belief that quality, flexibility, and uncompromising craftsmanship are the bedrock of long-term business relationships. His companies have worked with clients such as the San Francisco 49ers, Del Taco, Quiksilver, Toshiba, Billabong, CPS, Irvine Company, Oceanside Glasstile, Ladera Ranch Magazine, and GISH Biomedical.

Bradley has always believed that in order to flourish professionally, an individual has to challenge oneself by venturing outside their comfort zone and taking on projects that push you to grow and expand your knowledge base. He holds steadfast to the idea that he can handle any type of project that comes his way even when it is out of his current wheel house. These talents permeate from such mediums as print, advertising, publishing, display, online media, trade show, photography, creative writing and numerous others.

Yvette Girard
Yvette GirardClent Services Director
Yvette Girard is the better half of Bradley Girard. She has been an executive assistant and office manager for over 26 years. Here at BGS she is our backbone and keeps the office in order as well as highly organized. She handles all of our client/vendor services such as accounts payable/receivable, proposals, scheduling, proof reading and project management. Not to mention keeping Bradley on track and doing what he does best. Yvette brings a lot to the table with a wide spectrum of skills and can handle various tasks with holding great attention to detail. Her effectiveness in creating efficiency in each task plays a major part to the success of BGS and our clients.
Peter Glynn
Peter GlynnSenior Web Developer
Peter Glynn brings a unique personality to the BGS with his skills in Web Development, Customer Service, and IT security. He’s spent years gaining skills that are not only useful, but also magnify and compliment each other. With years logged at Starbucks and Apple, he understands that no matter how much sweat goes in to creating a new site, it’s meaningless if there is not a solid client experience all around – People are number one!
With that taken care of he then collaborates with the team on designs, layout, and features that the team plans out – Making a mockup go from a PDF that cannot be changed to an active and feature rich site for all to enjoy.
Peter does this by utilizing his skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. In addition to these technical skills, Peter is currently a senior at Cal State Fullerton perusing a degree in Business Management and Information Systems Management. In addition, Peter has nearly three years of experience in the IT security industry. He prides himself on having a well-rounded set of tools to bring to every web project, and he does that through customer care, technical ability, and safe, secure development.

BGS Connect Will Help Your Marketing Take Flight!

By Connecting Creative Design, Innovative Marketing Concepts and a Positive Approach!

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